Padar Island is one of the island of Komodo National Park and is the third biggest after Komodo and Rinca Island. The existence of Padar island may not be so outstanding compared with Komodo,Rinca and other small islands around Komodo National Park, yet Padar island has become a top destination around Komodo National Park for its beauty.

Geographically, Padar island is located in the middle of Rinca and Komodo island and it is closer to Rinca island with separated by Lintah Strait. Padar island has been accepted as World Heritage Site by YUNESCO due to its location is inside of Komodo National Park territory. Despite Padar island is inside the territory of Komodo National Park, yet this island is not inhabited by Komodo Dragon due to the food chain is not stable enough.

Padar island

There are some small beautiful islands around Padar that is decorating the stunning sight of Padar, where these all are seen from top of Padar hill while Padar itself has its own beautiful overlay of long Pink Beach with its gorgeous coral reef which is suitable for snorkeling, swimming and just playing around the beach.

The interesting and important case of doing a visit to Padar island is to climb the hill to come on top of Padar hill to witness and enjoy the most spectacular view of whole Padar island and the row of small islands surrounding with is circled by stunning blue ocean. Although trekking to the highest hill takes time and tired but these all will be paid much more than just a short efforts to get on top

How to get to Padar?

There are some ways to reach Padar island either with wooden motorizeded boat or the fastest way with speed boat and these options depend on what visitors would like to choose. The normal time to go with the wooden boat takes about more or less 3 hours while the fast boat will take about 1 hour.

Padar tour is a tour where we normally combine with some other places to visit and this can be done or arranged within some tour packages. The recommended tour packages we normally do is started from one day komodo tour, two days one night komodo tour, three days two nights komodo tour and four days three nights komodo tour. Every tour package is arranged based on the length of day and has a different cost that based on the numbers of participant, and length of tour.

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