Thank you for your trust to have chosen us as your tour organizer to enjoy the nature of Flores Island and Komodo National Park.

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How to order

Booking a tour package with us is very simple, if the conversation via the order form, email, WhatsApp or Phone is in accordance with the desired package, here are some things you should do:

  1. Confirm order via email ( by entering the Name of the subscriber, Date of arrival, Number of participants, Tour duration, Package desired along with other information. To facilitate you in order confirmation please click this button 
  2. After confirmation email is received, we will immediately send your order invoice with 30 – 100% deposit charge from agreed price and the remaining payment will be paid on arrival which can be done by cash or bank transfer.
  3. Payment of deposit will be given time limit in accordance with the period of bookingan with an estimated time of 24 hours. If the time limit is given then the deposit has not been sent then the order is deemed canceled, and need re-confirmation (return to step number 1) and Confirmation of deposit receipt will be sent via email once deposit has been received.
  4. Voucher will be sent if full package payment is done.

Note :

To book a package at the long weekend takes at least one month before for the choice of hotel and boat can be in accordance with the plan. Last minute reservations will be adjusted with available hotels and boats.